Learn How to Play the Synthesizer

Interactive Synthesizer Lessons by Electric Telepathy

Learn how to play the synthesizer with our quick and easy interactive lessons. The synthesizer may seem intimidating at first. All the knobs and sliders can confuse a beginner at first glance. However, this instrument can be broken down into a collection of different components. Learning each component and how it affects the sound is the key to mastering any synth.

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Subtractive Synthesis

Most analog and digital synthesizers use the subtractive synthesis technique. You will understand the key principles of synthesis after completing this series.

  1. Oscillator
  2. Low-pass Filter
  3. High-pass Filter
  4. Filter Resonance
  5. Envelope Attack
  6. Envelope Decay and Sustain
  7. Envelope Release
  8. Envelope – Putting It All Together
  9. Low-frequency Oscillator
  10. Vibrato LFO
  11. Full Subtractive Synthesizer

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